Sound Healing

An ancient practice that uses the vibrations and frequencies from instruments like Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, gongs, and vocals to help relax and heal the body and mind. For thousands of years many cultures have used the deep penetrating effects of these harmonic vibrations as medicine to promote healing and well-being.

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Most of our wakefulness is spent in a beta brainwave for maximizing productivity. In today’s world productivity sounds great, but not shifting into the other healing brainwave states can cause lasting negative effects. The brain has five measurable states: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. In order to recover from our busy stressful lives, we must spend more time in the alpha, theta and delta brainwave states.

Easy Meditation Using Sound

An easy way to begin a meditation practice is by using Sound. The science behind sound healing works through the principle of entrainment that invites resonance and coherence. Coherence is what invites the cells in our bodies to become healthy and harmonious.

Healing with the use of sound has been around for thousands of years. As we begin to explore the inner dimensions of our bodies and our minds, we may begin to become more in harmony with ourselves, each other, the planet, the universe and everything in between.

Over the years I have witnessed how we all respond to sound similarly--through reiki and sound healing with various sacred instruments. In deep states of meditation we can rewire old beliefs allowing the intelligence of our bodies to heal without the ego stepping in.

EkoSync Meditation App

“What you do has the potential of affecting the entire world in a positive way! Let us begin.” -Lindy Romez

About Lindy Romez

Lindy Romez, a professional musician and former 82nd Airborne Division Soldier, found yoga after experiencing a car accident in 2000 that left her with a neck injury and paralysis down both arms.

Shortly after the accident Lindy began practicing meditation with sound to assist her in her own recovery, it was several years until Lindy was able to begin an asana (yoga postures) practice. In 2011 she completed her first yoga teacher training to better understand what she needed to do to stay healthy and painfree with her mind and body.

To dive deeper into sound, sound healing and yoga, Lindy studied in India where she discovered the sacred healing properties of sound, vibration and harmony and is certified in sound healing using Tibetan bowls, and other meditation practices.

Upon her return from India Lindy felt that she needed to introduce and share the healing powers of sound through offering what she calls "Sound Baths" to groups of people.

After learning about the extremely high statistics of veteran suicide in 2017, Lindy began her non-profit Calm One, inc and has been working with Veterans suffering with post traumatic stress with great results using the sound frequencies that emit from Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and other sacred instruments in live sound baths.

It was through this work that inspired the EkoSync Meditation and Sound Healing App, to assist not only veterans worldwide suffering with post traumatic stress but anyone suffering from any kind of dis-ease in the mind/body complex. In the first round of the Apps offerings is a series of Sleep Timers, binaural beats and healing frequencies that were designed to stimulate restful sleep, reduce pain, heal past trauma and reset an overactive and out of harmony nervous system.

Research has shown that if we are not able to rest properly, the body struggles to heal. The EkoSync app's focus is also to encourage beginning a dedicated daily meditation practice. Without a positive practice like meditation, an overstimulated nervous system has nowhere to go that’s positive.

Although thousands of topics have been scientifically proven to be effective, why are only a few getting benefit? The simple answer is we get caught up in negative emotions and come up with all the reasons why we can't do something instead of all the reasons why we can.

It's time to take responsibility for our own actions, and it begins by starting a positive daily practice that includes meditation for the mind and yoga for the body.

The Ekosync Meditation and Sound Healing Apps encourages its users to expand by going within to explore for themselves the power that resides within. The frequencies used along with mindfulness, breath-work and meditation help to harmonize the body /mind complex simply by listening to the audios and doing the practices. Simply put, we are all very sensitive instruments that need to be tuned properly everyday in order to play harmoniously with the rest of the orchestra.

Her relaxed approach and light-hearted personality makes it fun for students to explore the sacred practices that yoga, meditation and other ancient practices can offer. Join Lindy on the EkoSync Meditation App to begin a journey to affect the whole world in a positive way.

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